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Medical Billing Company

Medical Billing Company

MedConverge is a medical billing company established with the vision to assist physicians and to improve quality of patient care by streamlining all back office operations.

Top articles

  • Tips on Improving Patient Engagement through Health Information Technology

    19 mars 2016 ( #medical, #health, #medicalbillingcompany )

    Since the beginning of time, communication has been the most important factor in human relationships. In time, the way we communicate has evolved and today, technology plays a huge role in our communication with each other. Communication between patients...

  • 2017 Benefit and Payment Parameters – Part 1

    07 avril 2016

    Released on February 29, 2016, the final Health and Human Services (HHS) Notice of Benefit and Payment Parametersfor 2017, sets standards for Health Insurance issuers and marketplaces which includes payment parameters, establishes new standards for improving...

  • ICD-10 CodeAssist Services

    05 mai 2016

    The main reason for the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 documentation Was Greater precision. HOWEVER, if the diagnosis is Documented by clinicians at a lower level than what ICD-10 supports, it May result in submission of financial claims That are lower....

  • Preventing Medical Overbilling and Mis-billing

    30 mars 2016

    Medical billing is one area that most healthcare facilities find nerve wracking, time consuming, complicated and tricky. With all those rules to follow, codes that need to be put in correctly and supporting documents to be attached, medical billing is...

  • Multitude of EHR Notifications Adding To Physician Burnout

    05 avril 2016

    It takes just a jiffy to send an online message – compare that to the days gone by, when paper-based systems made sending messages an onerous task. That is an improvement in our fast paced world today, or is it? The ease and speed of instant messages...

  • 2017 Benefit and Payment Parameters – Part 3

    15 avril 2016

    Our final article on the Benefit and Payment Parameters for 2017 brings you further highlights of some of the policies in the final rule. Network Adequacy (Transparency) HealthCare.gov plans to include a rating of each QHP’s relative network coverage,...

  • ICD-10 CodeAssist Services

    09 mars 2016

    Helping providers and coders in your facility to save time while increasing productivity, MedConverge’s ICD-10 CodeAssist provides your facility with 24×7 ICD-10 coding support. Our multi-specialty ICD-10 coders are available to you via chat or email,...

  • 2017 Benefit and Payment Parameters – Part 2

    12 avril 2016

    In continuation of our previous article on the Benefit and Payment Parameters for 2017, given below are further highlights of some of the policies in the final rule. Market Rules Student Health Insurance Plans Risk pool must be based on bona fide school...